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Super Burger World is a jump and run game similar to Super Mario, except with one big difference, You play as a burger trying to rid the world of an evil fruit company. Super Burger World uses SuperTux as a base, and is almost exactly the same except for the graphics and music, so if you don't like burgers, SuperTux is a much better game for you to play (provided you like penguins). Because of it's base, Super Burger World supports many platforms, so your burger-related gaming can spread to all of your machines (provided you can compile it).

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Latest News

Website Updated


The old website didn't always load completely so I have moved to a much less server intensive design, called Prosimii which I got from OSWD

Super Burger World 0.1.2 Released


In this version the graphics have been updated to make the game better looking, and the enemies now look like actual things. There is new music and modified sound effects, as well as minor fixes to other annoying bugs in the previous version. 0.1.2 for Windows now comes with an installer to ease the installation and use of Super Burger World.


Super Burger World is available as a Windows binary or as source code which can be compiled on many platforms, including Linux and BSD.

Download for Windows
Download Source Code
Go to Super Burger World on Sourceforge

If you know of a package built for another platform please contact me.

Thanks to: Logo
For hosting Super Burger World.

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For the code on which Super Burger World is based.